You Have Two Choices

When a mountain climber faces the prospect of scaling a large and imposing piece of rock, every step comes with two basic choices – go up or go down. There are a number of other decisions that have to be made, but they are all dependent on these two. Up or down.

While a mountain climber’s goal is to reach the rock summit, an entrepreneur’s goal is to reach the business summit. And in business you also have two choices. Do it or don’t do it. But what is ‘it’ and how do you know which choice is the right one?

The Future Me
The only proven business formula you need is the Formula for Success. In it is contained all the power of a successful company, a successful business owner and a successful human being. Here’s the formula:

[FM x MA x CL] +C = MR

It stands for [Future Me x Massive Action x Continual Learning] + Consistency = Massive Results. But how do you apply it?

The Future Me
My last article was about how to turn your impossible dreams into reality. A dream is a way of seeing yourself in the future. It is visualizing the ‘Future Me’. Take some time and write a letter to your now-self from the future-self. Describe your future life and a future normal day to your now-self. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does the future me look like?
  • What does the future me do?
  • What is the normal day of the future me?

Well done! You’ve made one of two choices – You chose to have a dream. You have your mountain circled on the map. Even if all that changes is your salary is doubled and you take your spouse on an overseas holiday every year, you have taken the first step towards becoming the Future Me. By revisiting your dreams consistently you will develop your ‘dreaming muscles’, so to speak, and soon you will be able to add even bigger dreams to your Future Me list.

Do you need help to find a dream for the Future Me?

Massive Action
Massive action has to take place before the formula works; before you go from dreaming to achieving success. And it is action you have to take. You can’t send someone else to the gym to get fit for you. If you want the chiseled body you have to lift the weights, run the circuits and get sweaty yourself. If you want to see the view, you can’t send someone else up the mountain. One of the rules mountain climbers face when climbing in adverse conditions is ‘keep moving, because as soon as you stop, you die’. Consistently taking massive action will deliver the results you are working for. Keep moving forward. The same applies in life and business. As Denzel Washington once said in a university commencement address, “If you fall, make sure you fall forward”.

Massive action will include:

  • Finding new prospects and turning them into new clients
    • Increasing your database
    • Asking your existing clients for referrals
  • Mastering Linkedin to gain real, and profitable connections
  • Reconnecting with clients in order to get them to double their spend with you.
  • Most importantly, stop making excuses and start looking for reasons to take action.

Do you know what action you should be taking?

Continually Learning
Having an ‘always learning’ mindset is vital if you want to keep growing as a human being and as a business owner. As soon as you stop learning, you stagnate. It’s important to develop a mindset that looks for new learnings constantly, everywhere and from everyone. Always be curious. What was the last thing you read or heard which made you think, ‘Isn’t that interesting?’ And how long ago was that?

The best investment you can ever make is in your mind. Set aside non-negotiable time in your diary every day for learning. Start with 15 minutes a day and do one of the activities below, make notes and go over your notes regularly. For each activity ensure it is the best, the latest and related to your impossible dream.

  • Read books
  • Listen to audiobooks and podcasts
  • Watch talks or tutorials

If you don’t know which books or talks you should be learning from ask for recommendations or search the best-seller lists.

If you want to keep growing, coaching will never stop. But learning alone is not enough. That’s why the Formula for Success connects continual learning with massive action. Take what you’ve learned in your 15 minutes and apply it. And keep applying it. Increase your daily learning time every six months. Personally, I currently set aside two hours a day. The key is consistency. Do this every day, make it a habit, that way your dreams will be built on solid foundations.

Do you know which books or talks you should be learning from?

One of the keys to success is consistency. Doing the right things and doing them consistently is what matters. You have to keep moving forward on a daily basis. You have to:

  • Every day, write down your dream
  • Every day, underneath your dream, write, ‘Everything I want is out of my comfort zone’
  • Every day, learn something new that is relevant to your goal
  • Every day, make notes so you can review them
  • Every day, review your notes to remind yourself of what you learned
  • Every day, action what you’ve learned
  • Every day, be consistent in learning, applying and taking action

What are you consistently doing that has measurably positive results?

Massive Results – the 8 areas in which The Formula for Success works
It’s no good being successful in business if your private life is in ruins. Here are the 8 areas in which The Formula for Success will help you climb the mountain, help you make your impossible dreams reality and bring you massive results. Not average results; massive results!

  • Business and career
  • Finances
  • Life
  • Relationships – family and friends
  • Romance
  • Health
  • Fun and recreation
  • Physical environment

It sounds like a lot of hard work, I know. And that’s because it is. Remember, the value you put on something is determined by the amount of smart, hard work you are prepared to put into gaining it. If you’re working hard but not smart, you’re acting like a hamster in a wheel. Endlessly running but going nowhere. Smart, hard work is consistently applying the Formula for Success – [Future Me x Massive Action x Continual Learning] + Consistency = Massive Results. How badly do you want to be healthy, to have an excellent and fulfilling marriage, to live in a beautiful environment, to have a successful business?

What will your life look like if you don’t apply the formula?

Do you still think overnight success is possible? That’s a bit like asking do you believe in fairy godmothers? It’s time to implode some myths about success.

There are 5 success myths your need to completely disregard.

  1.  There is no formula for success

When you apply The Formula for Success, [FM x MA x CL] +C = MR, correctly and consistently, success is guaranteed. In fact, if you have come to me for business coaching and can prove you have consistently and correctly applied the formula and my suggestions for a year and your company doesn’t improve its profit margin by 100%, I will reimburse you 100% of my fees. That’s how confident I am that applying this formula will work.

  1. The myth of the self-made man

Continual learning means you get to stand on the shoulders of more successful and wiser men and women than you. It will be the implementation of their advice that will help make you successful. They will be a part of the making of Future You.

  1. The myth of overnight success

Massive results are the consequence of consistent, massive action taken in conjunction with continual learning in order to achieve a goal. That takes time. The more massive action you take, the quicker the result, but it won’t be overnight. The only overnight success you can achieve is to change your mind, to make a choice and that can happen in an instant. The choice you need to make is to step out and put the Formula for Success into action.

  1. The myth that a good idea can make you rich

A good idea is just an idea. Without the work behind it to make that idea a profitable reality, it will go nowhere, or someone else will get there before you.

  1. The myth that success in business is the only real measurement of success

The Formula for Success can, and should be, applied to every area of your life if you want to be truly successful. If you don’t believe me, apply it to your dream for your health. Living a long, fit and healthy life is a goal we should all have.

Do you need help in figuring out which choices you should be making in order to achieve your impossible dreams and climb your own personal Everest? I can help.