The Business

LP Gas Retailer

The Problem

This young business run by a husband-and-wife team was struggling with greater and greater losses as the months went by. Marketing and growing the business was challenging. Frustration and stress levels soared as they worked 12-15 hour days just to survive, and still ran out of enough hours in the day. They never did anything for their personal well-being anymore.

The Solution

Bertus encouraged them to dream BIG. He taught them how to change their dreams into goals, to write them down and to regularly revisit their goals. They were held accountable for following a plan of action within a set time limit. All successes, big and small, had to be acknowledged and celebrated. They learned to be acutely aware of the impact of sales and discounts on items and to evaluate and prioritise everything according to how it affected their return on investment. Keeping a weekly success sheet showed them how much they were actually accomplishing. They learned to delegate admin and other tasks to experts and to upskill their staff, to free up more of their own time.

The Result

They had more time to find new business. Their confidence levels soared and they stopped offering massive profit-destroying discounts – a cost saving of up to R10,000 per month. By outsourcing and delegating tasks, they saved up to R5,000 in their time per month. They also cut their expenses by 20%. From running at a consistent loss, the business grew to an average net profit of R35,000 per month. The sheer daily panic was replaced by hope and inspiration, and they now have more time for their personal lives as well.

The Learning

There is greater value in gaining trust and respect from clients which leads to long term repeat business, than in offering discounts to attract customers. Concentrate on and invest in the most effective sources of income.