The Business

Dental practice

The Problem

The dental practice was in good shape, it was, in fact, profitable. However, the dentist’s goal was to become a dental practise consultant. In order to do that he needed to replicate the business and increase overall profits. This was important as he needed to free up time for himself. The dentist wasn’t sure how to unlock the potential and achieve all of his goals.

The Solution

The dentist had put one solution in place already. While most surgeries in South Africa only have the traditional 8 – 5 working hours, starting a ‘Night Owl’ service, where the surgery was open to 8pm 2 nights a week, was one of the reasons why the surgery was so successful. Especially as it was a service in which the dentist himself didn’t have to participate.

While the practice was already doing well, it needed a change of perception about how work is done, as well as an understanding of what an entrepreneur actually is – a person who creates something out of nothing. The dentist also needed help with how to leverage funding for his second surgery. Working with a business coach helped him to understand how to negotiate a viable funding agreement to both achieve his goals and make it financially manageable.

The Result

Within 5 months of beginning the business coaching, the dentist purchased a second surgery, the financing for which comes from the original owner. The dentist now only works 3 days a week and profits are increasing.

The Learning

Thanks to the coaching and insights he gained from the business coaching, the dentist now has more time and is well on his way to becoming the multi-practise owner and dental practise consultant he wants to be.

The Testimonial

“Bertus, I found your business coaching program is extremely valuable. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level. Thank you again for everything Bertus. I really do appreciate it. It has been an amazing journey.”