If you want to have a strong message to use in any sales communication for your business, you need to understand and believe in your USP – or unique selling proposition. It means exactly what it says. It’s the one thing about your business that will make you stand out from your competitors and make your business more appealing to the consumer. It’s what your business has that your competitors don’t have.

You may think your business is the most affordable or offers the best service but is this a thumb suck or do you actually have the stats to back it up? If it’s the latter and you have the bona fide stats proving you are the most affordable or that your service is seriously better than any of your competition, well then you have your USP and this will score you sales.

However, if you thumb sucked your USP, you need to go back to the boardroom and figure out your real one. Because before you undertake any strategy to grow your business, you must be 100% certain of the value you can offer your customers.

Find your authentic USP using these 3 tricks:

1.   What are your unique features and benefits?

Write down all of the features and benefits that your business offers. Now search them on Google and see how many of your competitors offer the same. Look out for benefits your competitors rarely mention. These are the ones that will help to set you apart.

Example: In my business, my benefits include things like how my attitude to leadership has influenced the way I guide my clients and how my past business experience has given me a deep insight into the challenges of employee productivity. What knowledge or experience has shaped your own business offering?

  1.   What’s in it for the customer?  

Quite simply put yourself in your customer’s shoes and answer the most important question of all: “What’s in it for me?” Don’t waffle. Get to the point. Add these to your list of benefits for your customers.

Example: I know that the primary concern for my clients is to see a return on their investment in my services. Which is why I have made ROI a key feature of what I offer. What are your customers expecting from you?

  1. What aspects of your business are difficult for your competitors to copy?

Look at your unique list of features and benefits and highlight the ones you know your competitors would not be able to imitate easily.   

Example: For some of my programmes I offer money-back guarantees and a fail-proof formula for achieving massive results.

These highlighted benefits should be the USPs that set you apart in your industry. You can use them to attract customers and make sales.

When you are putting together a sales script or creating marketing content to generate leads, clearly communicate these unique benefits to your customers.  

Are you still feeling uncertain about finding and positioning your USP? Another effective way to uncover it is by going back to the basics of your business. You can do this in just 30 minutes by completing my Business Assessment. Once you have completed it I will give you a 30-minute FREE phone consultation to help you define it correctly.