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  Get back in control of your business  

Coaching for entrepreneurs who have grown their businesses to a small / medium size over about 3 years.

Businesses owners battle with:

Working so hard they can’t find time for family

Feeling overwhelmed and out of control

Not knowing enough about business

Scared of making costly mistakes

You need someone on your side.
A professional Business Coach will give you the honest, objective coaching you need.

What’s the right advice for your business?

So many people get stuck with following advice from their mother-in-law, their Uber driver or even the guy standing in the queue at home affairs.

Get the help you need to:
  • Get back in control of your business
  • Learn how to improve your return on investment
  • How to gain more time to focus on the most important things

Getting stuck in a tight corner is part of the journey. Shortcut your way to high performance.

Find out how it works:

As a business grows, the way you manage it needs to change.

What will happen if your business fails?
  • Tax and VAT problems trigger cash flow issues
  • Managing and training staff members brings headaches
  • Struggling with time management and stress leads to problems

In working to grow the profits of more than 150 entrepreneurs, we have learnt what it takes for a business to be successful.

How do you take control when you don’t have the time?

Take the first step away from your stress.

Find out how the right coaching can help you. Request your free coaching session

High Performance Programme

What will you learn?

  1. How to build a power diary
  2. How to attract new clients
  3. How to build a sales process that converts quality leads
  4. How to sell and close deals
  5. How to control your money, so it can work for you

How does it work?

  • Business Assessment Session
    Discussing your business with your coach
  • Discovery Session
    Re-programme your thinking
  • 91 Day Action Plan
    Map out an action plan
  • Monthly Business Coaching
    One-on-one sessions during the month

Sign up to get your get your free 91-day action plan program and videos

Become a high performer

You’ll have regular coaching sessions to help you and keep you accountable, so that you get the proven results you deserve

Unlike heavily franchised business coaching services, we will custom build your solution with you.

When we started coaching I was uncertain how I was going to pay Bertus. Once we finished I was more than able to pay him his fees and I had a clear vision of how to increase my business and revenue. I highly recommend Bertus and his team! They have changed my business and thinking forever
Simone Lowe
I attended Bertus' course for a number of months. I really found them to be motivating and value add. To such an extent that my business increased 5 fold to date. This coach is highly recommended.
Dennis Van Rensburg

Find out more about specific businesses we’ve helped turn around.

Our track record


More time in her business in under four months


Growth in profits in under 4 months


Return on investment on coaching fees in under three months
Get more time and grow your profits.

Our High Performance Guarantee

Subject to some reasonable T’s & C’s we offer 100% return on your investment within 12 months or we give you your money back.