Bertus de Wet

Self-improvement is not a destination; it is a life long journey.

My Approach to Business Coaching

What are you looking for in a business coach?

Every coach is different. So it’s important to find a like-minded person who resonates with you and who can step into your environment and understand how you deal with it.

We would need to spend a bit of time together to see if we are a good fit. That’s why my first session with you gives us time to discover whether and how we can work together. You only have to commit to the programme after that.

My personal style is to take you on a process of self-discovery – I don’t tell you what to do; instead I help you figure out your own solutions. I give you the tools to move yourself forward.

My focus is on real and lasting empowerment. What you learn while working with me will become part of your lifelong practice as an entrepreneur. And you will be so sure of the success of your own approach that you will confidently be able to share it with others.

In this way you too can become part of the cycle of building a strong culture of entrepreneurship within your own business community.


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My Why

I am a business coach because of the personal WHY that motivates me every day. You have that motivation within you as well – you just might need some help in defining it and putting it into action.

My Daily Commitment to Myself

  • Focus on empowering others through my actions, passion, knowledge, leadership and discipline.
  • Work with and alongside my clients – learning, growing and succeeding together.
  • Take action to achieve my goals and support those in need.
  • Learn something new every day.

My Business Vision

  • Together we can build an empowered and impassioned community of entrepreneurs who practice a culture of integrity and success, both in person and in business.
  • Through strategic leadership combined with social commitment, we can make a powerful contribution to job creation and economic growth.
  • All of us can embrace the challenge of supporting people in need, so that collectively we build a better society for all.

My Core Values

YOUR values are the foundation of every action you take and every choice you make. I believe that every entrepreneur should have a deep commitment to personal values that will guide his or her journey to success.

These are the values that support me and my team every day:


We are committed to empowering others through our actions, passion, knowledge, leadership and discipline.


We are totally committed to our vision and mission and to supporting our clients and our team on their journey to success.


We devote positive energy and emotion to all that we do and strive to live each day with commitment and joy.


We have faith in our ability to make the right choices to reach our goals and others can always rely on us to do what is right.


We abide by our strong moral principles, we are truthful and deliver what we promised and we rectify broken commitments or misunderstandings.


We constantly strive to improve our knowledge, correct our mistakes, and share our learnings with all those who could benefit.


We are grateful for our blessings, every day, no matter how small. We respect the value of every person we encounter and we consistently strive to be better human beings.


By working together we can lead each other to greatness. Through our common purpose and commitment to one another we can achieve the exceptional.

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