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  About Us  

The story starts with a boy who grew up on a farm.

Frustrated with school, Bertus de Wet liked to play in the veld with his “kettie” (a slingshot). One day he took his “kettie” along to school to show his friends. They wanted “ketties”, too. Bertus started selling ketties – an entrepreneur was born.

As a kid, Bertus may not have liked studying but he learned a lot about business. (And shooting bullseyes.)

At college Bertus finished a 24 month structural steel detailing course in 18 months. After redrawing many of the training diagrams and helping other students, he stayed on as a trainer for a year.

His second job was at a structural steel detailing company. After just three years at the business, Bertus become a partner. Through the implementation of good systems, efficiency tripled and two years later the business had grown by 60%.

At 29, Bertus sold his shares in what had become the biggest business in the structural steel detailing industry. (For a good profit)

The Heart of an Entrepreneur

After a year of coaching in a large franchised coaching business, Bertus launched Bertus de Wet Business Coaching.

Just two years later, he was nominated as Business of the Year and won the ROCCI & FNB Business of the Year Award for Service Excellence.

Bertus’ purpose in life is to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. “I want to connect people with integrity and share ideas so we can grow our businesses together.”

His drive to find new ways to approach business sent him to learn from top people in the industry. He’s done courses accredited by the International Coaching Federation and COMENSA.

What inspires him is seeing how much a business can improve their profitability with the right thinking.

He’s trained and coached over 150 entrepreneurs.

How many times can your business double?

Find out how the right coaching can help you. Get a free Coaching Session

Bertus makes me uncomfortable! this takes you out of your comfort zone and the alternative thinking process starts. I do recommend Bertus!
Elma Van Rensburg Coetzee
Bertus really cares about every clients success! This has been a tough year and thank you so much Bertus for your support and encouragement during the year.
Anja Hendrikse

Case Study

The Problem:

Trying to reinvent a failed family business, a husband-and-wife team combined their skills in order to remain financially afloat. The wife, a former French teacher, had never used her BCom studies and became completely overwhelmed with the finances of the business. The husband needed to restructure the entire brand and lacked direction. He was working to the point of collapse. Within six months the duo ran out of options and they were nearing the end of their last business loan.

The Solution:

The brand and business needed a complete re-evaluation. Bertus helped the two realise that taking on as many clients as possible could be just as damaging to the business as not having any clients at all. Multiple clients that don’t make a positive impact on your business take away your most valuable commodity – time. Therefore it is okay to say no to those potential clients.

Furthermore, the couple was trying to be everything to everybody and to do it all themselves. They were not utilizing their time properly and they were suffering both physically and emotionally. Bertus helped the business to gain a firm direction by focusing on offering meaningful quality to clients that could pay well for their service offering.

The Result:

The couple ended the contracts that were weighing them down and put more focus and energy into projects that actually made them money – and that they were good at. Within a couple of weeks, the business received larger contracts and was able to start turning around. By the end of the first 6 months of coaching with Bertus, the company had completed a number of six-figure contracts and had its order books full for up to 4 months in advance, giving manageable security of cash flow. Its total income over those 6 months grew by 300%. When they first started working with Bertus their nett loss over the prior 6 months was over R600,000. By the end of their first 6 months with Bertus, their nett profit soared to over R2.5 million.

The Learning:

Since getting help and direction from Bertus, the couple changed their thinking from absolute survival and desperation to learning to say no to the wrong kinds of business. They now focus on making sure that their people, systems and processes are in place so that they save valuable time. By working smarter and being focused they came to realise that their emotional and physical wellbeing was important for achieving overall success. This meant they had to stop trying to do everything themselves, to focus on their strengths and bring in a team of people who are good at what they do, to do what they themselves are not good at.


“We are not doing this alone, nor did we get to this stage by ourselves. Bertus has been instrumental in creating awareness, but we had to make the decisions and own the consequences. The program has set us on a strong course, given us confidence that as a team we have what it takes and that we will make it.”

Bertus walks the walk. His personal experience and methods of coaching make him a rare breed. You want a business coach? Bertus is your man.
Sudhashen Naicker
The most powerful thing to know is that you already have everything you need to succeed. Bertus helped me see this with patience, humour and incredible expertise. After only two sessions I have learnt more insightful things about myself than I have in years, and I have a much clearer path for my business. Bertus, you have a gift. I feel lucky to be working with you.
Annie Olufuwa Ol