I’m Bertus de Wet, and I Can Help You Get Your Business on Track

Did you know, it’s not only start-up entrepreneurs who have these problems? 96% of businesses fail within the first 10 years. Which means that well established enterprises can also run into serious trouble. Many experienced business owners don’t have the answer to their challenges and cannot get to the next level. But working with a business coach can help you to move from failure to success.

What’s Your Biggest Business Challenge?

The top 5 answers I always get are:

  1. I’m feeling stuck and can’t move forward
  2. I struggle with cash flow
  3. I’m feeling overwhelmed
  4. I work so hard, I hardly see my family
  5. I’m so stressed, I’ve lost my passion for my business

If you have challenges like these, a business coach can help you.

Who is Bertus de Wet?

I am a successful businessman with a passion for leadership and entrepreneurship.

Through my own life experience I have learned that success in business is not only about how to make money. It’s about personal development, commitment to a dream, and the drive to make a difference for yourself and all the people in your life.

I believe that every business owner has phenomenal potential to grow and succeed. My passion is to work with entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals.

I have a very clear vision of a powerful culture of entrepreneurship in South Africa that can turn our economy around and empower individuals and communities to prosper.

My Business Coach Guarantee

I promise you: 100% ROI on your investment in business coaching within 12 months.

But then you need to commit to working with me under these terms and conditions:

  • You do the work you commit to in the coaching sessions
  • You track your Business Vitals every month
  • You provide Financials or Management Accounts monthly
  • You pay all fees on time


Learn high value lessons and gain mind-shifting insights about improving your business.



Work with Bertus in groups or in 1-to-1 sessions to turn your business around.



Follow my blogs about how to succeed in business.


Success Stories

I share the real life achievements of entrepreneurs I work with.


My ARK Initiative

Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) – this is my social outreach initiative.

All of us can make a difference in someone’s life. So I would like to challenge all entrepreneurs to join me in reaching out to those in need. I donate 10% of all my workshop profits to worthy causes. In this way I am regularly able to support individuals and organizations that are less fortunate than I am.

Every small gesture makes a difference, and so can you. I challenge all entrepreneurs to join me in my ARK initiative and help to build a powerful movement of giving back to our communities.


Simone de Pinho, Attorney

I had a massive return on investment and went from not knowing how I was going to pay my first month’s coaching to easily paying my last instalment.

Kobus Badenhorst, Corporate and Event Branding

Before coaching, business was a lonely battle full of panic stations. Now there is hope, assistance, guidance, planning and structure.

Simone de Pinho, Attorney

My business was running me. I felt frustrated and out of control.  But not anymore, since Bertus helped me and advised me on different structures and policies to implement within my business.

Estelle Bode, Optometrist

Before coaching, we kept looong hours and stressed that month-end would turn out okay. Now we are constantly aware of profit margins, cash flow, potential business opportunities and more effectively streamlining our time, staff and work.

Simon Hewitt, IT Consultant

In my first three months with Bertus, my average turnover was more than 30% higher than in my entire first year of business, a return of investment of over 600%!

Kobus Badenhorst, Corporate and Event Branding

I can talk to Bertus on the same level and he will listen and give feedback on a level that I understand.

Simone de Pinho, Attorney

Bertus is a business coach with a difference and will absolutely go the extra mile to see you succeed.

Estelle Bode, Optometrist

We have gone from being worry-pots to being excited about meeting and exceeding the targets and challenges which Bertus helps us to set.

Savannah Steinberg, Leadership Coach

I think what makes Bertus unique is that he really cares that you as the client get results. He makes it about your success and ensuring you get there.