Running a small business is hard work and for it to succeed the number one priority should be generating new leads regularly. Fortunately, this is much easier than you may think. The very first thing you must do is aim at getting your prospects and clients to trust you and your business from the word go. Trust starts with building a healthy, stable relationship. And good relationships will in turn generate new leads. So, how do you build trust with prospective clients? There are 5 foolproof ways. Stick with these and you will generate leads.

  • Referrals

Who from your list of existing clients raved about the work you did for them? Ask these happy clients for referrals and you’ll find because they trust you they’ll be most willing to give you the contact details you need along with a glowing testimonial. Remember to thank them and perhaps even offer them a referral fee

  • Networking

Networking is still one of the most effective ways to meet prospective clients face to face. When approaching potential leads it’s more genuine to not sell yourself or your business straight off the bat; rather ask them about what they do and begin a discussion about their challenges. Build their trust in you. Not only will you gain a potential client, but you are able to interact with your business community and gain first-hand knowledge about their challenges. Don’t leave the networking event without a collection of business cards but when you’re asking your potential clients for their contact details do also ask for their permission to keep in touch. That’s just good business etiquette, plain and simple. Send them a follow-up email. Later, if there is an opportunity to assist anyone, contact them again.

  • Sharing

Sharing your expertise and what you are able to offer is often the best way to build trust and introduce yourself to a prospective client. Share relevant or useful information with them that showcases your expertise and even helps them solve a problem. There are so many ways to share information, from FAQs on your website to a newsletter with tips and advice, to ebooks, flyers, online tools and much more. Sharing information in the form of a lead magnet is an effective way to build a database and begin to entice customers into your sales funnel. Read more about the lead magnet and its driving role in the marketing and sales journey.

  • Testimonials

Isn’t it true that a positive review about a restaurant or movie will entice you to go try the experience? Testimonials have precisely the same effect and are therefore particularly helpful in gaining new customers. Getting testimonials from existing clients will also make them feel more valued. And if their experience was a particularly successful one then your clients won’t mind you sharing their recommendation online. A useful way of getting testimonials from your clients after the project is over is to ask them to fill in a testimonial sheet or questionnaire. Add those testimonials to your company website and update them at least once every six months to keep them current (no one believes an outdated testimonial).

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a respected and trusted online networking platform, mainly for working professionals, where you can connect with your current and past clients. Through those connections, you can then find and connect with potential new customers. Send a thank you note to those who accept the connection and introduce yourself and your business. Download the contact details of your connections and ask for their permission to put them in your database. Develop a customer journey via email with your LinkedIn prospects and keep them up to date on your latest news, events and specials that could be beneficial to them and their businesses. All five of the activities above will help you easily and successfully generate leads for your business but only if you make them a part of your weekly marketing and sales routine. Allocate regular time in your diary to spend on this, to keep feeding a pipeline of potential customers into your marketing funnel and in turn growing your business. If you are struggling to generate leads successfully, as the #1 ROI business coach I can assist you.

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