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  We coach business owners
  so that they can double their income or more.  

‘An incredibly powerful book.’

Savanah Steinberg – Founding Director of Star Leadership (Pty) Ltd

Businesses get left behind because they don’t get the help they need.

We know how to grow your business.

Business owners often struggle with:

Juggling time between work and family

Gaining practical business know-how

Feeling overwhelmed and out of control

We don’t want you to struggle with money issues, indecision and sleepless nights.
We can help you understand where to make changes to grow your business.

Get the advice you need. Request your free session.

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We’ve worked with more than 150 entrepreneurs

Why our coaching has worked so well:
  • Good questions, from an unbiased coach, make you think and act differently
  • We custom build your coaching journey
  • You learn practical business techniques that will increase profitability

We know how your business can be more successful.

How do you take control when you don’t have the time?

Take the first step away from your stress.

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Programmes We Offer

Fast Track Group Programme

Entrepreneurs / Start-Ups / Micro

Start here with the affordable Fast Track programme. Save time and learn techniques in the context of your business that will make you more profitable.

High Performance Programme

Small / Medium Businesses (SMEs)

Next-level coaching for entrepreneurs who have grown their businesses over about 3 or more years. How many times can you grow your profits?

Additional Workshops and Programmes

All Businesses

Powerful stand alone workshops and programmes that have specifically been developed to jump-start your knowledge in key business areas.

How has our business coaching helped small / medium businesses to grow?

In the words of our clients:
When I started my own Attorney Practice, I took the invaluable decision of taking on Bertus De Wet as my Business Coach and soundboard. My financial success was amazing! Within a year of business I was earning 1.4 times more on average than what I was as a salaried employee and in my second year I earned 3.79 times more. There is a great deal more to having Bertus as my coach, but the numbers don't lie!
Bianca Sutherland
As an endurance athlete, I now understand why everyone needs a business coach as much as an athlete needs a fitness coach. Watch this space!
Morne Basson
I like the way he personalise every solution to meet individual needs and with 100% ROI guarantee! Or your money back. Join he's programme and see the turnaround.
Christopher Maropeng Seakamela

How much will your business grow?

You’ve taken the initiative to start a business, you need to learn techniques that will help you grow.

It’s time to thrive.

Our track record


More time in her business in under four months


Growth in profits in under 4 months


Return on investment on coaching fees in under three months
Get more time and grow your profits.

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Our High Performance Guarantee

Subject to some reasonable T’s & C’s we offer 100% return on your investment within 12 months or we give you your money back.